Champagne and God is a blog written by 30 year old professional and accidental entrepreneur, Courtney Rogers.

Courtney is single, somewhat successful and calls a spade a spade.

She lacks a filter, has a unique take on life and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

But she does reflect. She’s naturally analytical. She needs to understand how things work. And she’s not afraid to give things a go on the basis of “experimentation” – learning life lessons.

It’s these life lessons that end up here!

Courtney is not particularly religious. Champagne and God was the name of the first piece she ever bought from Australian icon, Sass & Bide. It was her early love for this brand that has led her on an interesting path in life.

In a nutshell it could be summarised very simply as: she pursued a career in corporate so she could AFFORD to buy the pieces she so loved. But eventually her life came full circle when she started her own clothing store Miko + Mollie and was finally able to immerse herself in the world of fashion the way she always should have.

Along the way she developed a love and passion for her corporate job and the contribution it makes and now finds herself in a unique position where she can’t let go of one love to pursue the other.

No doubt you will read how she tries to balance these two competing interests as you follow along with the blog.



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