Top 10 trends in 2019!

OK, so we’ve seen all of the Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar tips for the top trends for 2019 released in January (think “everyday couture” and “bucket hats”)…


Image credits: (left), (right)

Now we know these look amazing on the runway but let’s be real, none of us are actually going to wear those looks in our everyday lives. I have a pretty zany group of girlfriends who get a little kick out of shocking each other with our fashion from time to time but to be honest, I don’t even think those girls would tote these trends! Not even to annoy me after this blog post…

So at Miko + Mollie we put together our own list of trends for 2019 of the more wearable variety. We’re still pushing boundaries but these looks are more accessible, easier to wear and a much better investment of your money because they’re not a flash in the pan that you’ll hate in 6 months time.

They’ll also integrate nicely into your current wardrobe and help you get some more wear out of the items you already own and love.


2019 is all about the matching sets! Matching jacket and shorts combos are huge but the classic suit is making a come back in weird and wonderful ways as well. Basically if it doesn’t have extra detailing on it to set it apart, it’s not for you in 2019.

We are loving the Winona Manchu Jacket and Shorts set. It doesn’t get much better than this when you’re wanting to emulate 2019 style this year.

Winona Manchu Jacket and Shorts

Winona Manchu Jacket ($269) and Short ($149.95) Set

And the Elliatt Conservatory Jacket and Pant suit in both primrose and forest green is the epitome of the fashion-forward pant suit this year with the extra details we’re looking for in 2019 as well as the very unexpected colour palette that makes them super on trend. There is no room for boring suits in your wardrobes this year ladies!

Elliatt Conservatory Jacket and Pant Suit

Elliatt Conservatory Jacket ($219) and Pant ($159) Suit

Acler are also experts at suiting with a difference.


We’ve all been obsessed with our activewear for a while now and yes, we have been wearing it outside the gym (sue us), but in 2019 it makes some even bigger leaps. From “oh this? Yeah I’m going to the gym later” as you run around doing your errands on the weekend (probably never actually making it to the gym but loving your fabulous, matching activewear sets anyway) to “yes, I am wearing my activewear with this gold metallic leather jacket and heels and damn I look AMAZING”!

PE Nation leggings and Elka Collective Amaline leather jacket

Our brand new PE Nation arrivals worn with the Elka Collective Amaline Gold Leather Jacket ($599) and Alias Mae Adore Heels ($219.95)

We posted this look on our social media for the first time a few weeks ago (when our first delivery of PE Nation arrived!) and people went NUTS for it. Confirming for us that this sports luxe trend is taking off. Push your limits. Wear heels and leather jackets with your activewear. Out. To a bar. To an event. To anything you like. And watch the jaws drop but the slow nods that follow and then the upwards eye movements and slow sips of their drinks as they start wondering why they hadn’t thought of that.


Statement jackets will be huge Autumn/Winter 2019. They’re investment pieces so the key is to look for extra details that will also be timeless and classic. We are loving the Elliatt Iris Trench (available in black or powder) and Elliatt Iris Blazer (also available in black or powder) for that very reason.

Elliatt Iris Blazer

Elliatt Iris Blazer $199

In a few days we will release our next 3 top trends for 2019 so if you don’t want to miss it subscribe to this blog to find out when our next post is up!

Lots of love

Courtney xx

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