New year, new wardrobe!

You know at Miko + Mollie we believe what we do is more than just “clothes”. What we choose to wear each day sets us up for the kind of day we’re going to have. When we love what we’re wearing we feel confident, happy and satisfied and project that out to the world. This sort of self-confidence can lead you to be kinder, more forgiving and more giving to those around you. These are qualities that other human beings respect in each other. And when you’re gaining the respect of your fellow humans, great things happen. You make new friends, you get new job opportunities, your self-esteem continues to grow because of the amazing feedback you’re getting from the world!
So people can say what they like but fashion is not a superficial “hobby”. It is the way some of us express ourselves and it is a way for us to manage our self-esteem and mindsets. And if you ask me, whatever you can do to do that is a fabulous thing and you see the rewards!
So each year in January I buy a couple of things that are going to make me feel like that, project that to the world and continue to feed my sense of self, my creativity and my joy.
I started a little early this year (HAHA) but my essentials for the new year are:
A couple of sexy, slinky little occasion dresses that make me feel AMAZING and are completely easy to wear, just throw on, go and feel FAB.
Kitx Sorceress Bias Cut Dress worn by Courtney Rogers from Miko and Mollie
Sass and Bide Queen of Versailles Dress worm by Courtney Rogers of Miko and Mollie
A statement day to night party dress for those more casual occasions.
 Thurley Charmer Dress
Some playsuits to just throw on and go.
 Thurley Gia Ruffle Playsuit
Camilla Fan Sea Blouson Sleeve Playsuit and Large Square Scarf
Some casual day wear for fun days out with the girls or family holidays!
Thurley Babushka Blouse and Trulli Pant
Kitx Unearthed Parachute Pants and Thurley Trulli Cropped Top
Some fabulous Sass and Bide tees to mix and match with literally everything and even dress down a pair of tailored pants for those more casual days at work that the first few weeks back after Christmas holidays tend to bring.
Sass and Bide Main Event Tee
Sass and Bide Moon Lights Tee
Some great new pieces for work so I can rock in on those days I really wish I was still on holidays and slay anyway.
Acler Baker Dress
 Acler Holland Shirt and Sass and Bide Queen of Versailles Pants
Some new swimwear and beach accessories to make those summer days at the beach feel even more fabulous.
 Camilla Time After Time Twist One Piece
Camilla Time After Time Fringe Beach Towel
And finally some soft, luxurious new underwear to make me feel like a QUEEN (I literally brought one of every Camilla print we have but this combo is still my absolute fave).
 Camilla Queen Alika Bra ($129), Underwear ($59) and Silk Kimono ($519)
Camilla Queen Alina Bra Underwear and Kimono
So have a think about how your current wardrobe makes you feel and whether there are a couple of little pieces you could inject into it this January to set you up for the year you want to have for yourself – happy, confident, kicking your life goals and having FUN along the way. January is a great time to treat yourself after coming through another jam-packed year and finishing it off with a full on holiday period. Take stock, congratulate yourself and get ready for a brilliant 2019!
Lots of love
Courtney xx

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