Miko + Mollie rocks the runway

Miko + Mollie has fast earned itself a name for being one of the best in the Australian fashion retail business! And it’s not just for our exemplary customer service, attention to detail and support for women worldwide. It’s because our styling is among the best in Australia. Our girls are followed by thousands of women on instagram because they style our favourite Australian designers with elegance, poise and a creativity that inspires not only others but it inspires them to live their best lives everyday! Our girls are bright, bubbly, energetic and kind. And it’s bouncing out of bed each day and putting on their newest favourite outfit that puts them in that mindframe – ready to take on the world, confident and with a kindness that they want to impact on everyone they meet that day.

That’s what fashion is all about!

So when Ellery Events Australia invite us to showcase in their SA Designer Showcase, we always accept.

Creative Lifestyle Markets, Plant 4 Bowden 20 October 2018

At the showcase at Creative Lifestyle Markets we styled 8 looks for the runway. We styled 4 casual looks and 4 racewear looks perfect for spring racing season and/or all of the upcoming weddings, engagements and fancy Christmas functions.

Take a look at them below.

Casual looks (with the Miko + Mollie flair, because life’s too short to wear an OK outfit!)


Racewear looks (for all your fancy occasions)

Creative Lifestyle Markets, Roxie’s 9 December 2018

For the showcase held in the beautiful tropical surroundings of Roxie’s on Grenfell Street in the Adelaide city centre, we styled 8 new season looks with a luxe floral theme.

On show was the current season Camilla print, Retro’s Rainbow with that bright, fun festive print, paired back with stunning white pieces from Acler and Ixiah. The contrast between the whites and Retro’s Rainbow POPPED on the runway!

Miko and Mollie Camilla retro’s rainbow tie front dress

Miko and Mollie Acler Baker Dress Antique White

Miko and Mollie Camilla Retro’s Rainbow large square scarf and split skirt

Miko and Mollie Ixiah New Forever Dress Set White

Taking a darker turn and showcasing our LBD’s, we designed 4 looks focussed around the stunning new Thurley Babushka print, paired back with the licorice Baker dress by Acler and STUNNING architectural Leone dress (also by the design geniuses at Acler).

Thurley Babushka Blouse Thurley Arena Shorts miko and mollie

Miko and Mollie Acler Leone Dress

Miko and Mollie Thurley Babushka Dress

We have designed a runway page on our website where you will always be able to access our latest runway styles, making shopping with the assistance of a personal stylist even easier! Buy our professionally styled outfits here.


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