Who is Mollie?

People ask me all the time who Mollie is when they find out the store is named after my naughty little Akita, Miko.

Mollie was supposed to be Miko’s little girlfriend but he was too naughty as a pup for me to bear adding a second one to the equation. And now in true Akita form, he doesn’t have a lot of interest in other dogs, preferring human company. So Mollie ended up just being a name that went well with Miko (I like alliteration).

And then lately I fell in love with the idea of renovating a vintage caravan and going on a long, luxurious holiday in true Courtney style. And as I poured over my favourite caravan reno blogs, it suddenly dawned on me that my caravan will need a name…and after thinking for 3 seconds I realised that is who Mollie is.

Mollie is our caravan and Miko and I are going to have the time of our lives travelling around in her.

Prepare for caravan spam as I start to plan and design our dream ride, Mollie.

My current inspiration is Cedar and Suede‘s beautiful vans Millie (below) and Vonnie, and Danielle Symes’ van Ollie (further below).



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