Dateless but not desperate

People (women, mostly) ask me all the time: Things were going so well and then I just never heard from him again, what do you think went wrong? Should I text first after a first date, or play hard to get? If I'm too available to him, will he lose interest? Men like the thrill… Continue reading Dateless but not desperate

Who is Mollie?

People ask me all the time who Mollie is when they find out the store is named after my naughty little Akita, Miko. Mollie was supposed to be Miko's little girlfriend but he was too naughty as a pup for me to bear adding a second one to the equation. And now in true Akita… Continue reading Who is Mollie?

Miko + Mollie hits the Port!

Over the last 6 weeks we have been busily building and opening our stunning flagship boutique in Port Adelaide. It's nestled in the historic streets among hip new eateries, trendy pubs, art galleries and wine bars at 228 St Vincent Street. Photo credits: Esther Reynolds-Verco, Clique Magazine We are beyond happy with the finished product… Continue reading Miko + Mollie hits the Port!