Human beings. Not human doings.

I was at yoga the other day and heard this saying and it resonated with me SO HARD.

I’m a human doing. I always have been. I rush around all day every day with my phone in my hand, doing 14,000 things at once. And it’s one of the reasons my bosses love me so much. I get shit done! Lots of shit. And to the highest possible standard they could expect. It’s also one of the reasons why I can work full time and run a business at the same time. So it has served me well for many years!

But why do I do it? Because I can! I can do 14,000 things at once.

But is that a good enough reason to do them? I’m the poster child for human doing!

I was on the Sunshine Coast recently and it suddenly occurred to me that other people don’t live like that. And they look perfectly happy! I started to watch and observe and imagine what my life would look like if I slowed down, removed myself from the rat race, spent less time doing and more time being. Would I be just as effective? Would I achieve just as much? Do I want to? Maybe I can afford to achieve a little less and live a little more?! But would I still be living my dream? Using all my skills and gifts to their fullest? Because they are gifts. Gifts I probably don’t even deserve and that’s why I feel a sense of responsibility to use them to my fullest potential.

I’m not sure if I connected with that part of the world or whether I connected with the concept of a different way of living. More being, less doing. I’m still trying to work that out. It goes against every fibre of my being. It goes against who I know myself to be! But maybe who I am is changing. If I look at life, and accept the fact that we’re all on a journey and who we know ourselves to be WILL change over time whether we like it or not, it makes sense! It does not make sense that I would be the 20-something human doing my entire life, rushing around, trying to get things done, trying to please everyone. Trying to leave my mark on the world.

But it makes sense that that 20-something human doing would morph into a 30-something human being. Someone who knows who she is now and has the confidence to go after what she wants instead of fence-sitting and trying to DO everything. Maybe it’s time to narrow my goals, focus my efforts on the things that are really important to me, and free up more time for BEING.

Maybe it’s time to be a human being. Not a human doing.


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