Camilla – the ethereal, whimsical journey of a free spirit

Camilla – one of the most incredible brands to evolve in the Australian fashion landscape, built from the ground up out of Sydney by the vivacious Camilla Franks.

I am so excited (THRILLED) to now be stocking one of my favourite Australian designers, Camilla at Miko + Mollie.

Camilla is a designer and artist at heart with a lust for travel. Each collection is inspired by her travels to some unique part of the world and each print within the collection tells the story of the places and people she discovered.

Each style is hand-cut with every crystal placed with precision on beautiful silks that have been dyed with unique prints that tell Camilla’s story…

My vision is to awaken the adventurous spirit that resides within all of us (no matter who we are), because we believe that everyone has a right to experience freedom and feel joy. We embrace all walks of life, as we believe it is everyone’s right to feel beautiful no matter their age, shape or race.

Camilla’s latest collection – The Long Way Home – is the story of finding your heart in your spiritual homeland. But it’s also a story of the long road – the trials and tribulations, the delays getting there, the lessons learned the hard way – that makes us who we are today. The long way home that leads us to our authentic self. We absolutely LOVE the story behind this collection. And you can feel the richness of the story as you wear it – the deep, rich colours and vibrant interaction of the patterns sparks something inside of you – your authentic self, that desire to be exactly who you are, to feel at home, to feel free.

Camilla India The Long Way Home

Camilla goes on to describe her home, her wonderland: India.

Camilla India The Long Way Home

And it led me to think: where is my heart at home?

For me, I have 3 homes, 3 places in the world where my heart is happiest.

1. The Riverland, in regional South Australia, surrounded by my family. Earthed. Without a care in the world. My heart swells here. It’s happy. But it doesn’t belong here. I knew that from a very early age.

2. Adelaide – my first city experience. Adelaide has come a long way in the last decade. Now thriving and filled with vibrant laneways, cafes, some of the best and most creative little businesses popping up all over the place – a gastric sensation with some of the best beaches in the world in one direction and beautiful wine country in all of the other directions! Adelaide is like a child to me – my heart bursts with pride as I see how it has grown into a thriving, accepting, beautiful city that blends lifestyle with opportunity.

3. Sydney. As much as I love Adelaide, the second I started flying in and out of Sydney for this beautiful little business of mine, I felt home. As I fly in over the harbour my eyes fill, my heart’s full, I feel home. I feel connected. One of the very first times I was looking down at that beautiful turquoise water and the perfect city landscape punctuated by the bridge, the Opera House and those beautiful beaches and caught myself thinking “Adelaide is my hotel. Sydney is my home”. And at that moment I knew it was true. Every trip to Sydney, I have a tradition of going to Bondi for brunch and walking the coastline slowly. I always slow to a standstill at the iconic Icebergs and drink in the inspiration. I do my best thinking overlooking the waves crashing against Icebergs and the beautiful juxtaposition of the blues in the pool and the waves crashing up against it. In that spot, those thoughts turn my dreams into reality. I can always draw my dreams back to the plans I have made in that spot. In that spot, I have clarity, I know what I’m doing and I believe in myself.

When you find a home like that, you hold onto it forever. Even if you don’t live there, like Camilla and I. Your homeland will forever be your inspiration, your grounding, where our authentic self reinvigorates ready for another day.

So The Long Way Home, although very much representative of Camilla’s wonderland, India, also reminds me of my wonderland. I feel so connected to my wonderland and alive when I’m wearing it. It’s a very special feeling.

I hope it brings that to your life as well.

Love and strength


All photos are the credit of the wonderful team at Camilla.

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