Ixiah – the one to watch in 2018!

Ixiah, the brainchild of Sydney creative, Krystel Davis, is the rising star of the Australian fashion industry.

Founded in 2011, Ixiah has drawn a band of passionate and loyal followers with its ultra creative, feminine silhouettes that are unlike anything else on the market. Head Designer, Krystel, is ahead of the fray, constantly dreaming up gorgeous, flirty and feminine shapes, painstakingly designing and sourcing the perfect fabrics to compliment the intricate designs and producing one of a kind pieces that are coveted by young women across the nation and internationally.

Ixiah Head Designer Krystel Davis

Krystel sticks closely to her design aesthetic, an aesthetic which is true to the beautiful, creative individual that she is and employs a small team of talented individuals who each bring a unique set of skills and value to the Ixiah brand.

The Ixiah team are a dream to work with – you could not meet a kinder, more professional bunch of dreamers and thinkers. Ixiah is a place where dreams and thoughts find their way onto paper, into fabric swatches and eventually into these beautiful, whimsical, intricate designs we know and love. Every member of the team lives and breathes the creative process at Ixiah and are passionate about their brand and what they create as a team, for all of their gorgeous and adoring customers.

Ixiah team

2017 was a huge year for Ixiah. The fash pack realised they were onto a good thing (check out the gorgeous Elise Cook in the article cover photo!) and Ixiah soon became a headliner at major festivals such as our very own Splendour in the Grass and the US festival sensation, Coachella (where the glitterati of the fashion, music and film industries converge for days of the hottest musical acts and some of the best outfits you will see all year) and in the everyday lives of some of our most admired fashionistas.

Ixiah Outlaw Set Pia Muehlenbeck Coachella

Pia Muehlenbeck in the first Outlaw Set at Coachella 2017

Ixiah Symbol Tee and Triton Short on Gypsy Lovin Light

@Gypsylovinlight wearing the Symbol Tee and Triton Short

Ixiah Pia Forever Dress and Bandeau Pia Muehlenbeck

Pia Muehlenbeck wearing the Forever Dress and Bandeau set

Ixiah Outlaw Set DJ Tigerlily

DJ Tigerlily wearing the new Outlaw Set

And 2018 will see this brand continue to grow from strength to strength. I am tipping Ixiah to be one of the biggest fashion houses in Australia over the next 5-10 years but we can see them holding onto their family-like culture, staying close to the creative process and who their customers are, much the same way as the beautiful girls, Heidi Clark and Sarah-Jane Middleton did as they grew Sass and Bide into the powerhouse and icon of Australian fashion it is today. Ixiah is a beautiful complement to Sass and Bide in the Australian fashion industry. Both brands have held onto the whimsy and creativity that make their customers feel alive, beautiful and capable of anything.

The future of Australian fashion looks bright with these two fashion houses going from strength to strength!

I adore Krystel and the team and look forward to helping you get to know them and their beautiful designs over the next year. Their designs will change your life, and the way you think and feel about yourself.

The gorgeous designs and lush fabrics and details can’t help but make you feel like the prettiest girl alive (you just have to stalk all the incredible images of strong, gorgeous, passionate women wearing the Outlaw set on Instagram to see the difference these garments make to the way girls live their lives). And that is exactly how you should feel! People think fashion is a materialistic compulsion but it’s not. It’s deeper than that. It just happens to be material that can make you feel happy, positive, better about yourself and like you can achieve anything you want! That’s what my business, Miko + Mollie, is about and when we find brands like this that align so closely to our beliefs and values, we hold onto them and support them in any way we can. Here’s to being our best selves this year with the help of the beautiful, Ixiah!

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